Using Lua with C++ (Part 1)

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If you want to see Lua in real world practice, check out Using Lua with C++ in practice series.


This article is about building your own  Lua/C++ binding. If you want to use an existing library (which is a lot easier and faster), check out this article : Using Lua with C++: LuaBridge

So, why use LUA?

I’ve seen game devs using different data formats. Some of them use JSON, some use XML, some use plain .txt files etc.. As for me, I use Lua for data, because:

  • It is easy to use without any additional libraries(well, except of lua libraries, of course…)
  • You can use different formulas in your files, for example: some_variable = math.sqrt(2) * 2
  • It’s extremely lightweight and fast
  • It’s under MIT license, so you can use it in any way you want. Just download it and use it
  • It’s ported almost everywhere, because it’s written in C and compiles with almost any C compiler
  • You can use tables to categorize your data which is easy to edit and read

Let’s look at example Lua file:

player = {
    pos = {
         X = 20,
         Y = 30,
    filename = "res/images/player.png",
    HP = 20,
-- you can also have comments

With a little class(implementation is below) you can get data in this way:

LuaScript script("player.lua");
std::string filename = script.get("player.filename");
int posX = script.get("player.pos.X");

Pretty neat.


You can find lots of bindings here.
But I wanted to write my own, so here it is.

Note: my code is not perfect, but it works. I appreciate your suggestions on how I can improve my code. E-mail me if you find some errors or just to say thanks:

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