Donations and ways you can help

I love your tutorials! Here, take some money. 

I greatly appreciate donations. And you can donate by clicking this button:

Any amount is appreciated. I’m a hobby developer and I don’t get any money from ads or anything else, so that’s one way to show your appreciation for the stuff I do.

I won’t enforce donations or make this button appear a lot on my site.

Why not Patreon?

I’ve thought about creating Patreon, but I think it puts too much pressure on my work. Having to do special content for patreons can be really hard and I don’t want to not deliver for those, who give me money. Working on tutorials and Re:creation in my free time doesn’t give me enough stability to be able to work equally each month so I don’t think I deserve monthly donations

Will there be a Kickstarter/IndieGoGo campaign

Yeah, probably in the future when my game is good enough. But I think I may be able to finish it without a Kickstarter campaign. It would just take longer.

I don’t have any money, is there any way I can help?

Of course, there are lots of ways to do that!

1) Talk about Re:creation and my tutorials on social media

This is very important for me. Posting my work on reddit helped me gain lots of views and a small group of fans. But what if other people spread the word around other social media? (and some do, by linking to my tutorials on other sites or retweeting my tweets). This would help me even more.

2) Show my game to your friends. Help your friends by linking to my tutorials

If you like my game, maybe your friends will like it too? :)

If your friends are looking for some gamedev / programming help, you can help them by linking to my tutorials. That’s the main point of them: to help people solve problems.

3) If you have a blog or you’re a journalist, write about my game or my tutorials

This is a very obvious thing. No explanation needed.

4) Give me feedback

I want to write my articles as awesome as I can. I want to make Re:creation amazing.

And probability of doing greatly increases a lot, when I get feedback. I appreciate it a lot

5) Correct errors and inaccuracies

Of course, I may be mistaken about some things I write about. I would love to fix every error. So, if you notice any errors in my articles (even grammatical ones!), feel free to correct them.

6) Just say “thanks”

From time to time I receive very positive e-mails and comments. This is one of the most inspiring and motivating stuff ever. A simple “thanks” can brighten a day!

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