Here’s what I did this summer.

As I’m writing this the last day of the summer is approaching its end. It’s been an awesome study break. It lasted for two months and a lot of things were done in this period.

I see a lot of people who are disappointed in their summer. I’m not disappointed at all. I think I’ve accomplished some great things and while I didn’t reach some of the goals I’ve set, I’ll still work on them. My goals were not very specific (I found it very useful to set not very specific goals as I end enjoying my free time more): read some stuff, develop my game, write some blog posts and spend time with my family and SO. And I did it all. And it was great.

To be fair, I’m a little tired of this study break. I’m glad that I’ll have to study again. Hope this motivation won’t go away too soon. And now I’ll talk in detail about the things I did.

Things I did

Worked on my game

There was a lot of progress in that area! I can’t even list all the improvements I’ve done because it’s SO long. Most of new things can be seen in dev logs I’ve written almost every week. I didn’t work hard during last two weeks but still managed to draw some art. I don’t consider myself a great artist, but I try to make my game as good-looking as I can. Seeing as it gets prettier is really nice. My skills in art are also getting better which means I can produce better art. Compare two screenshots:

July 2014

August 2014

I’ve also found a composer for the game!  His name is Albert Allenback. Can’t wait to share some of his tracks when they’re finished.

Published some articles and received awesome feedback

I’ve written another part of Lua/C++ tutorial and it was met with more feedback than I expected. Most of the feedback I got was very positive and inspiring. I’ve posted some of the dev logs on /r/gamedev because they were very technical and talked about scripting a lot. And again, people liked it! And then I posted question about new art style to /r/IndieGaming which again brought lots of useful feedback and made me to go back to the old style.
I also got 53 followers on twitter not even trying to get as many followers as possible. I just posted some stuff and commented on others’ people work. Seeing so many people caring about the stuff I do is very inspiring. Thanks for everything who gave me such awesome feedback and support.

Read some books.

To be fair, I didn’t have time to read much. But I still managed to read some great books. The most amazing are “Game Project Completed” by Thomas Schwarzl and “Passionate Programmer” by Chad Fowler. Both are very motivating and inspiring. Check them out!

Played some awesome games

I became a huge Smash Bros. fan when I started playing it. My SO loved it too. It’s so fun to play with her. Can’t wait for Sm4sh for 3ds! One more month left.
I enjoyed Anodyne. It’s creepy and has amazing atmosphere and solid gameplay. I also learned some lessons from that game and it is one of the main sources of inspiration for me.
I’ve started playing Earthbound this week and I’m pretty sure I’ll become a big fan (I guess I’m a big fan now). It’s story, atmosphere and music is totally awesome. I find this game to be very inspiring in terms of creating an awesome story and amazing world full of mystery and weirdness.

Spent time with my family and SO

I lived with my SO for a month. It was really amazing experience and taught me some things about our relationship. While I can’t say a lot about this topic, because it’s too personal, I should say that the effect it has on me is phenomenal. Knowing that people who you care about the most are proud of you, getting their support and approval is really amazing, motivating and inspiring. When I have some doubts about my game or the other things I do, I remember about the people I love and how much they care about me and the stuff I do. All doubt goes away and I’m very motivated again.

Things I want to do next

Well, my activities won’t differ much except of added studying. I also want to study algorithms, data structures and math more. I have some great books in my to-read list, some awesome stuff in to-do list and I’m sure I’ll be able to do most of it. See ya!

2 thoughts on “Here’s what I did this summer.

  1. I skimmed. What caught me is the SO portion. I am jealous. I want to make games. When I get home I feel that the current need is to spend more time focusing on my wife and her life. Glad you guys are at a point that your supports you and her as you follow your passion. That is vital to making games and developing a relationship. Kudos.

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