Last month and plans

The last month was great. The exams were tough and I spent this whole month studying hard but it was worth it! I successfully passed all exams and got pretty awesome grades!
Complex analysis – B
Differential Equations – B
English – A
Discrete mathematics – A
Physics – A


Now I have two months of freedom but I won’t waste my time. I’m going to work hard on my game most of the time.

Here’s what’s done at the moment:

  •  Basic entity/component/system
  •  Scripting (mostly for loading different entity properties)
  •  Level editing (level editor is going to be pretty cool! Trying to make it as comfortable as possible)

  •  Basic combat, AI and co-op

  • Resource manager

I’m making the game with C++, Lua and SFML. I’m programming, drawing some sprites, composing music, doing level and game design and writing a story.
But I’m not alone! There’s also the artist who’ll draw most of the sprite, do level design and music composing. He also gives me some cool ideas about game design and story.

SFML is not a game engine so I have to write lots of stuff myself. Yes, I could use Unity or other engine, but I want to create my own engine. It’s a great experience so far. I’m learning a lot of things and don’t fall into “engine trap” because I don’t try to make it very generic. But the game is mostly data driven and has pretty neat level editor so lots of customization will be possible when the game is released.
Progress album

Here’s what I’m planning to do in the near future:

  • Get rid of Zelda stuff! I use some sprites from A Link to the Past and all of them will be replaced soon (please, don’t sue me, Nintendo!)
  • Projectiles (magic, arrows, etc.)
  • Awesome combat
  • Improve level editor
  • Triggers/events
  • Cutscenes
  • NPCs, dialogue system

That’s a lot of work!
I’m going to post updates about the game and talk about its development so some gamedevs may find it interesting. Follow me on twitter @EliasDaler for updates.

The game is top-down action RPG with a twist. You play as undead knight who fights against humans who are pretty evil, greedy and love to kill monsters just for fun, treasure of experience. You’re living a mob’s life. Slaying heroes, trying to protect your treasure. As you get more experience from killing, you become stronger and more powerful. More skilled warriors will try to kill you and you become a huge boss and try to survive.

Concept art of protagonist

This game won’t be very serious. It’ll be pretty funny, have lots of jokes and we’ll try to show rpg genre in a different light. Not from a “hero” view, but from a “mob” view.
I think it’ll be pretty hilarious and fun.

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